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Vaughn Manufacturing Corporation is a unique company with unique products serving unique markets. Family owned and operated since the 1950s, Vaughn has created a niche market in the water heater industry, due to its product’s unequaled reputation for longevity, reliability, and innovation.

Vaughn’s water heaters have an unequaled history of performance – tens of thousands of heaters over 25 years old – that comes from one simple concept: Hydrastone lining.

Hydrastone is a ” thick, seamless layer of specifically engineered cement lining that coats the entire surface of the inner tank protecting it from the corrosive effects of water. Click on Stoney to learn the unique manner in which Hydrastone works.

But all you really need to know is that over the years, no other water heater has lasted longer, or proven to be more reliable than our Hydrastone lined tanks.

That is why Consumer Digest chose Vaughn as the “Rolls Royce of water heaters”.

In addition to water heaters, Vaughn also developed and patented a full line of load control devices dedicated specifically to controlling water heaters – Energy Controllers.

These microprocessor-based controls can be integral to a Vaughn water heater or retrofitted to any existing heater. They can be pre-programmed as a dedicated control, to match any off-peak schedule. The Energy Controller can also be controlled remotely via a pager signal. The combination of Controller and Pager offers a unique redundant system. In case the pager signal goes down, or is blocked, the controller takes over and acts as a default schedule.

The newest addition to our line of controls is the TPI (Top Performer Immersion).

Engineered specifically for Indirect Heaters, the TPI is an electronic, immersion thermostat unlike any other. TPI is intelligent enough to control the actual delivered water temperature from the tank. TPI has an adjustable differential as well as temperature setting, indicator light, and sensor capable of accuracy to within several degrees.

For electric utility companies, co-ops and municipals, Vaughn offers a TurnKey Rental program. With more than century of experience, Vaughn can tailor a rental program just for you. A rental program is essentially an annuity – a steady stream of rental income. Using Vaughn’s long life, stone-lined heater, ensures a program that is not only successful, but also highly profitable. See what Vaughn can do for you.

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