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Vaughn Timeline

Since 1955, Vaughn has been providing electric water heaters for the utility industry, and more recently to the plumbing and heating markets as well. To many customers, Vaughn has been the exclusive supplier of water heaters throughout the life of their rental program.
Vaughn is considered a pioneer because for over 40 years, Vaughn has developed products specifically to meet the changing needs of the electric utility industry.

James Vaughn begins Vaughn Corporation in Salisbury, MA, and introduces cement-lined electric water heaters into the highly acidic and aggressive water conditions of New England, providing a long life heater capable of sustaining a long term rental program. Overnight, utilities found that renting electric water heaters was now not only possible, but profitable.

Stoney - Hydrastone lining mascot
Vaughn's manufacturing facility is expanded by 110% to meet surging demand.
Developed first foam insulated tanks for energy conservation. Vaughn made standard internal heat traps, and cold inlet diffusers for improved efficiency. The results exceeded industry standard conservation measures, and helped utilities reduce load associated with electric water heating.
James Vaughn turns over control of the company to his son, Jim Vaughn, Jr.
Jim Vaughn, Jr. developed a cement-lined tank with an internal heat exchanger for residential use that quickly became the preferred water heater for solar domestic hot water systems and residential hydronic applications. These tanks expanded Vaughn's market from its historic stronghold in the Northeast across the country and abroad across both wholesale and utility markets.
Jim Vaughn III takes control of the company, making Vaughn a 3rd-generation family-owned business.
Vaughn releases water heaters with spray-in foam insulation to maximize product efficiency.
Vaughn develops a field-removable heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger developed
Patented the first SMART water heater, which included an integrated, microprocessor-driven control allowing for peak/off-peak operation as part of a demand side management (DSM) measure.

EC1 Controller for water heater
Introduced TurnKey Rental Program, designed to help utilities with downsized marketing resources maintain competitive programs. TurnKey provides utilities with a program option that is profitable, accessible, and able to compete in a deregulated market.

Vaughn Turnkey rental program started clipart
Vaughn introduces an indirect water heater with the first top-mounted, removable heat exchanger for this new market. This top-mount indirect became extraordinarily popular, as service providers do not need to drain the tank during routine maintenance calls.

Top Performer Plus
First electronic temperature controller capable of real-time communication with electrical meters is released by Vaughn Corp.
Vaughn is acquired by Hubbell Electric Heater Co. of Stratford,CT - itself a 3rd generation family-owned business. The acquisition expands both companies' product lines and enables new growth opportunities. Together, the two companies will meet a wider set of customer needs and have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets.
Vaughn acquires Hubbell - 3 generations photo
Vaughn introduces its integrated heat pump water heater.

Hybrid Heat Pump
Vaughn installs a rooftop solar array, consisting of 910 individual solar panels capable of generating over 50% of the company's total power demand and significantly reducing Vaughn's overall carbon footprint. This, in combination with the adjacent 6MW solar array built by Jim Vaughn III - the largest in New England at its turn-on date - further demonstrates both the Vaughn family's and Vaughn Thermal Corporation's dedication to pursuing renewable energy resources.
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26 Old Elm Street
P.O. Box 5431
Salisbury, MA 01952-5431
Tel: 978-462-6683
Fax: 978-462-6497

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