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Top Mount Coils

Commercial Indirect TPP Water Heater

70 Gallon
Long Lasting
Superior Performance

The Vaughn Top Performer Plus Indirect Water Heater combines advanced engineering and HydraStone lining to provide the industry's longest-lasting and most reliable indirect water heater. The high-efficiency design includes a factory installed and field removable all copper heat exchanger coil to provide maximum hot water output while significantly reducing mineral build-up. The Vaughn industry-leading technologies include an electronic thermostat with adjustable differential to ensure delivery of highly accurate and consistent hot water. The advanced tank design utilizes a HydraStone lining for long life and is insulated with non-CFC polyurethane foam for high efficiency and the lowest stand-by heat loss rating in the industry. Time-proven components, advanced engineering, tank longevity, and high-efficiency design all make the Vaughn Top Performer Plus Indirect Water Heater the preferred choice for your water heating needs.

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Heavy Duty Construction

  • HydraStone lining provides long tank life
  • Plastic jacket will not rust, scratch or dent eliminating damage and is maintenance free

High Efficiency

  • Industry's lowest standby heat loss reduces your operating costs

No Sacrificial Anode Rod

  • Reduces operation expenses by eliminating periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaining an anode rod

Advanced Electronic Controller

  • Electronic thermostat provides accurate & reliable temperature control

Factory installed, field removable all copper heat exchanger

Warranty Information

  • Residential, 2/10 Limited Warranty, Commercial 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Two-year labor, ten-year full tank replacement including coil.
    Optional Lifetime Limited Warranty - a repair or replacement is provided (excluding labor and freight) if the tank or heat exchanger should leak for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.

Product Specifications

Tank Specifications

Model Storage
Overall Dimensions
Domestic Water Boiler Water
(Heating Coil)
Relief Valve
Cold Water
Hot Water
Height Diameter
S10TPP 10 20.25" 20" 120 3/4" MNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
S30TPP 27 39" 20" 200 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
S35TPP 35 39" 22 3/4" 225 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
S50TPP 50 40" 26" 275 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
S70TPP 70 46 1/2" 28" 310 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
S70DTPP 70 46 1/2" 28" 375 1 1/2" MNPT 1 1/2" MNPT 1" MNPT 3/4" FNPT

Note: For 3/4" outlet a brass Tee is supplied for T&P relief valve installation in the domestic hot water outlet connection. For 1 1/2" outlet models the T&P relief valve installs directly in the tank. 

Performance Specifications

Model First Hour Rating (GPH) Boiler Output
(6 GPM @ 200°F)
Boiler Water Continuous Flow Standby Heat Loss
115°F 140°F BTU/HR Flow Rate (GPM) Head Loss
(ft. w.c.)
S10TPP 270 200 140,000 6 GPM 7 ft. w.c. 0.96
S30TPP 295 225 150,000 6 GPM 7 ft. w.c. 0.78
S35TPP 300 230 150,000 6 GPM 7 ft. w.c. 0.72
S50TPP 320 250 150,000 6 GPM 7 ft. w.c. 0.56
S70TPP 340 270 150,000 6 GPM 7 ft. w.c. 0.45
S70DTPP 475 385 235,000 14 GPM 14 ft. w.c. 0.45

First hour ratings based on:

  • 50°F inlet water temperature
  • 200°F boiler water supply to coil
  • Outputs may vary depending on boiler size, boiler water supply temperature, flow rate through coil and circumstances of installation and use.

Additional Product Details

TPP Piping Layouts
High Efficiency Indirect Water Heater

Commercial Top Performer Plus Sizing Aid

NOTE: The entire following Top Performer sizing guide is based on dedicated boiler input of 137,000 BTU's per tank, using constant 180°F. boiler water, with a 6 gpm minimum flow rate.
IMPORTANT: None of the sizing examples below take under consideration "whirlpool" type tubs. If these are present, they must be considered separately.


For one and two bath, high rise and garden types to include showers, lavatories, kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and clothes washers. Clothes washers can either be in individual apartments or centrally located.

Up to 12 apartments1 S70DTPP
13 to 28 apartments2 S70DTPP
29 to 48 apartments3 S70DTPP
49 to 72 apartments3 S70DTPP

Nursing Homes:

Based on tubs and showers, wash basins, slop sinks, kitchen equipment w/ food service for patients and general cleaning purposes in the building. Does not include laundry and hydro-therapy equipment.

Up to 27 beds1 S70DTPP
28 to 60 beds2 S70DTPP
61 to 98 beds3 S70DTPP
99 to 148 beds4 S70DTPP


To include tubs/showers, lavatories and general cleaning. Food service and laundry not included.

Up to 20 rooms1 S70DTPP
21 to 46 rooms2 S70DTPP
47 to 79 rooms3 S70DTPP
80 to 116 rooms4 S70DTPP
117 to 180 rooms5 S70DTPP

Female College Dormitories:

Includes showers, lavatories, slop sinks, and washing machines. Does not include hot water use for food service.

Up to 26 students1 S70DTPP
27 to 60 students2 S70DTPP
61 to 102 students3 S70DTPP
103 to 148 students4 S70DTPP

Male College Dormitories:

Includes same as female.

Up to 31 students1 S70DTPP
32 to 70 students2 S70DTPP
71 to 116 students3 S70DTPP
117 to 180 students4 S70DTPP

High Schools:

Daytime use for Senior High Schools grade 9 or 10 through 12 for showers, lavatories, dishwashing machines, kitchens, and general cleaning purposes. Daytime use for Junior High Schools grades 7 through 8 or 9 would be the same as for Senior High, except when no showers are included. In that case, Junior High Schools would follow recommendations made for Elementary schools.

Up to 160 students1 S70DTPP
161 to 374 students2 S70DTPP
375 to 613 students3 S70DTPP
614 to 865 students4 S70DTPP

Elementary Schools:

Hot water for lavatories, cafeteria, kitchen and general cleaning purposes. Does not include showers. Also use this table for Junior High Schools with no shower facilities.

Up to 280 students1 S70DTPP
281 to 565 students2 S70DTPP
  • Alternative jacket color - Blue or Red
  • Double wall heat exchanger
  • Back-up electric heating element for supplemental heating
  • Optional Lifetime Limited Warranty

Top Performer Plus Specific Questions

The unique design of the Vaughn heat exchanger electrically isolates the heat exchanger from the tank by means of a non conductive barrier installed between the two. This provides dielectric isolation between the tank and the heat exchanger thereby eliminating electrolysis between the two due to dissimilar metals. This feature is one reason why the Vaughn indirect water heater far outlasts competitor models.
Yes. The heat exchanger is fully removable in all Vaughn indirect water heaters. The benefit to having a removable heat exchanger is that the coil can be removed for cleaning and de-scaling for improved performance and efficiency when used in hard water applications. It should be noted that the heat exchanger is not removable and the coil cannot be cleaned in many other indirect water heater brands.

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