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Hydrastone Cement...The difference is clear

High Efficiency • Superior Performance • Long Service Life

Hydrastone Cement Lined tank and water heater


What is the most common reason why a water heater fails?


Failure of a tank's protective lining allows water to come into contact with the steel tank causing it to corrode and leak. Therefore, the type of protective lining is the single most important feature when determining the quality of any water heater. The ability of a lining to protect the steel tank is primarily based upon it's thickness and complete coverage of all steel surfaces.

Two common internal tank linings are Glass & Cement


Glass lining is approximately 5 mils (0.005") thick and does not cover all internal surfaces. To compensate, all glass lined tanks require a sacrificial anode rode which must be periodically inspected and replaced.


Hydrastone cement lining is a minimum of 1/2" thick (100 times thicker than glass lining) and is guaranteed to uniformly cover 100% of all internal tank surfaces. The result is a longer lasting tank which does not require a sacrificial anode.
  • Thickness

    Every Hubbell tank water heater is lined with a minimum of 1/2" thick Hydrastone cement to ensure protection of the steel tank.

  • Coverage

    The Hydrastone cement lining covers a guaranteed 100% of all interior tank surfaces and is free from flaws or imperfections. Full coverage is achieved by injecting the precise amount of Hydrastone cement into each tank and then centrifugally spun at 250 RPM to ensure complete and uniform coverage of the lining on all interior surfaces.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Hydrastone cement is a specifically formulated high density lining designed to provide maximum protection from the corrosive effects of hot water.

  • Reduced Operating Costs

    Due to the longer life and maintenance-free benefits derived from a Hydrastone cement lined tank, Hubbell's model water heaters significantly reduce total ownership cost of a water heater. Longer tank life is directly attributable to the unmatched tank protection provided by the Hydrastone cement lining. Additionally, by eliminating the periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaininga sacrificial anode of a glass tank, Hubbell provides models that are built to last.

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