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High Performance and High Efficiency

The American made Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater combines the proven longevity of Hydrastone lining and steel construction with the latest in heat pump technology. The result is the most reliable and energy efficient water heater on the market. With three inches of high quality, CFC-free foam insulation, the Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater has the lowest standby heat-loss rating in the industry. A streamlined user interface on the controller ensures ease of use and is highly versatile, including a customizable temperature differential, temporary mode overrides and child lock protection. A high level of efficiency ensures a fast payback period, and the long life of the Vaughn stone lined tank ensures additional long term savings. Suitable for even the coldest of climates, the Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater offers a low-maintenance, affordable way to bring green technologies to your home.

Heat Pump

cULus Listed

Simple Operation

  • Fully integrated water heater easily replaces a standard electric water heater
  • User friendly electronic controller simplifies operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Low maintenance design
  • Designed for simple installation and service by a professional plumber

Long Life

  • Hydrastone cement lining ensures long tank life
  • Proven heat pump technology
  • Incoloy sheathed back-up electric elements resist corrosion and mineral build up

Heavy Duty Construction

  • Thick gauge carbon steel storage vessel with 1/2" seamless Hydrastone cement lining
  • No anode rod required
  • Insulated with 3" of CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation to minimize heat loss

No Sacrificial Anode Rod

  • Reduces operation expenses by eliminating periodic inspection and replacement costs associated with maintaining an anode rod

Warranty Information

  • 10 year limited tank warranty

How the Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater Works

The Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater uses a small amount of electricity to transfer heat to the water from the surrounding air. In comparison, traditional electric water heaters use resistive heating elements to directly heat the water. The Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater is significantly more energy efficient when compared to a conventional electric water heater because the heat pump utilizes considerably less electricity than a standard electric unit. In essence, a heat pump works like a refrigerator in reverse. A refrigerator moves heat from inside the refrigerator (making things cold) and transfers that heat energy to the surrounding room, whereas a heat pump water heater captures free and essentially unlimited heat from the ambient air and transfers that heat to the water stored in the tank. The Vaughn Heat Pump Water Heater can capture heat from air as cool as 40°F. If the unit cannot provide enough heating capacity to meet the demand, the back-up resistive heating elements will activate to ensure the unit provides sufficient hot water. The process of removing heat from the air and transferring it to the water results in the exhaust of cooler dryer air. This added benefit of dehumidifying the surrounding air can provide as much as 0.4 gallons per hour of "free" dehumidification provided by the heat pump unit is heating water.

Heat Pump Functions

Heat Pump Functions Diagram
  1. The built in fan draws room air into the water heater heat pump compartment and across an evaporator coil, and exhausts cooler and slightly dryer (dehumidified) air.
  2. The evaporator coil captures heat energy in the air and transfers that energy to a specially formulated CFC free refrigerant contained within the evaporator.
  3. The refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas as it gets warmer.
  4. The refrigerant, now as a warm gas, exits the evaporator and passes into a compressor.
  5. The warm gas is compressed, causing it to become a superheated hot gas and then flows to the heat exchanger.
  6. The heat exchanger transfers heat energy from the superheated hot gas to the cold water from the tank.
  7. The pump circulates cold water from the tank through the heat exchanger resulting in a continuous transfer of heat energy from the superheated gas to the water.
  8. Hot water exits the heat exchanger and is stored in the tank.
  9. The superheated gas condenses back to a liquid and awaits to repeat the process.
Heat Pump Operational Diagram

Selectable Operating Modes

Mode EconomyThis mode controls the heater such that the heat pump provides essentially all of the heating capacity. This is typically the lowest operating cost mode.

Mode HybridThis mode controls the heater in a way to optimize its efficiency and user experience and is the default setting. This mode operates the water heater such that the heat pump provides the vast majority of heating capacity and automatically switches to electric resistance heater mode only when necessary to meet high demand or to optimize efficiency.

Mode ElectricThis mode controls the heater such that it only heats using the electric resistance heaters and operates as a traditional electric water heater. The heat pump will not operate in this mode.

Mode SuperThis mode controls the heater such that both the heat pump and the electric resistance elements can operate simultaneously. This mode provides the fastest recovery option possible by providing heating capacity from both the heat pump and the electric resistance heaters at the same time.

Mode VacationThis mode prevents the heater from heating (regardless of what mode it is in) as a way to improve efficency during long periods of no usage (i.e. vacation). In this mode the only time the heater will heat is if the unit is in danger of freezing. The user sets the number of days to be in vacation mode (adjustable from 2 to 99 days or Off), and the unit resumes its previous mode of operation at the end of this period.

Temporary Modes

Mode Max HeatSimply pressing one button maximizes heating capacity by temporarily putting the heater into super mode.

Mode Fan OffSimply pressing one button temporarily lowers the fan speed which reduces the airflow and minimizes operating noise. Pressing the button twice turns the fan off for a user adjustable time period.

Dimensional Data

Storage Capacity (Gallons) Part Number Dimensions (Inches) Shipping Weight (lbs.)
Overall Diameter Overall Height Floor to T&P and HW Outlet Floor to CW Inlet
50 S50WHPT3838I 25 66 43 9 475
65 S65WHPT3838I 28 63 40 9 525
80 S80WHPT3838I 28 73.5 50 9 575
119 S120WHPT3838I 30 84 61 9 680
Note: These units are designed to meet or exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements and have been tested according to D.O.E. test procedures and meet or exceed the energy efficiency requirements of NAECA, ASHRAE standard 90, ICC Code and all state energy efficiency performance criteria for energy consuming appliances.

Outline Dimensions

Installation Requirements

  • Installed location must be at least a 10' x 10' x 7' room (700 cubic feet of air space). If smaller, there must be louver installed to provide sufficient airflow.
  • Installed room location must not be cooler than 40°F.
  • Installed locations with warmer ambient air temperature (i.e. furnace room) provides abundant "free" heat and is advantageous.
  • The heat pump dehumidifies the air and as a result produces condensate which must be piped to drain or outdoors.
  • The washable air filter requires periodic cleaning. Frequency depends upon environmental conditions.

Energy Consumption Chart

Annual Energy Consumption (EST)
Air Temp
Coefficient of Performance (COP) Annual Energy Consumption and Operating Cost in Various Operating Modes
Economy Hybrid Electric Super
kW·Hrs Operating Cost $ kW·Hrs Operating Cost $ kW·Hrs Operating Cost $ kW·Hrs Operating Cost $
50°F 1.6 2950 $314 2950 $314 4671 $497 4289 $457
70°F 2.6 1759 $187 1759 $187 4671 $497 3733 $398
90°F 3.4 1350 $144 1350 $144 4671 $497 3404 $362
Note: Average Annual Operating Costs based on 2007 D.O.E. (Department of Energy) test procedures. D.O.E. national average fuel rate electricity 10.65¢/KWH.


  • 1 1/2" Male NPT inlet and outlet water connections
  • Tank installed heat exchanger for use with solar or radiant heating systems (3/4" or 1" diameter)
  • Alternate voltages (1 or 3 phase), alternate wattages or 50 Hz available
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Hybrid Heat Pump Specific Questions

How does the heat trap work?

The Vaughn water heater is constructed with a heat trap installed within the water heater’s hot water outlet connection. This device helps prevent heat from escaping through the storage tank’s hot water outlet during standby periods, resulting in improved operating efficiency. The heat trap is constructed from a specially designed bronze nipple with an internal floating ball that during standby periods of no flow settles and closes off the storage tank thereby preventing thermal conduction of hot water radiating through the hot water outlet.

Can a timer be installed on my Vaughn water heater?

Water heater timers are devices that provide automatic control of electric water heaters. They can be programmed to turn a water heater off or on at times typically set by your local utility. Your local electric utility may have in place an “Off-Peak” or Time-of-Use (TOU) rates which offer a customer the incentive to consume power during certain periods of the day. The Vaughn S and ME Models are available with various timer control options, ranging from programmable 7 day timers to utility specific devices that control the water heater.

Why is dielectric isolation so important?

The unique design of the Vaughn heat exchanger electrically isolates the heat exchanger from the tank by means of a non conductive barrier installed between the two. This provides dielectric isolation between the tank and the heat exchanger thereby eliminating electrolysis between the two due to dissimilar metals. This feature is one reason why the Vaughn indirect water heater far outlasts competitor models.

What is the average life of an electric water heater?

The most important factor related to the life expectancy of a water heater is the quality and type of storage tank. On an average the life expectancy of a glass lined electric water heater is about 10-12 years (according to the National Association of Home Builders 2007 Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components http://www.nahb.org/fileUpload_details.aspx?contentID=99359 ), compared to a cement lined electric water heater’s average life expectancy of 23-26 years (Independent study of over 25,000 installations for an Electric Utility). Of course, there are various other factors that affect longevity including pressure fluctuations, usage, water conditions, environmental conditions, etc.

General Questions

Are Vaughn heaters made in the USA?

Yes. Vaughn water heaters are all made in the USA and our factories located in Connecticut and Massachusetts and qualify for incentives under The Buy American Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). For more information go to the following link Here.

Where can I purchase a Vaughn water heater?

There are numerous ways to purchase a Vaughn water heater depending upon the model you desire and your geographic location. The easiest way is either to visit our "Where to Buy" option in the red menu bar across the website, or contact Vaughn directly at 978-462-6683 and ask for the sales department where you will be directed to either our local representative or our order entry department for quick and easy ordering.

What code requirements are applicable for my installation?

The installation of water heaters are mostly governed by the Uniform Plumbing Code (or CPC in California), Uniform Mechanical Code, and National Electrical Code. These are standard codes that are used across the United States, and each state can amend them as they wish. To take it further, each city and county jurisdiction has assigned one or more building officials with what is called Administrative Authority. This Authority" allows each jurisdiction the right to interpret the codes as they see fit. Because of this many cities differ on their requirements. Vaughn strongly recommends that you contract with a plumbing engineer who knows and understands the intricacies of the building code requirements for your location.

Is it OK if my plumbing system has plastic pipes (PVC or PEX)?

Yes. All Vaughn water heaters will work with both types of plastic piping.

My question is not found in these FAQ’s, where do I look next?

Check out the Vaughn Product Center at Here for a complete listing of all technical Operation & Maintenance manuals documentation available by model. Get easy access to Installation Sales Brochures Service Bulletins Wiring Schematics Parts Breakdowns and various other technical documents related to the full line of Vaughn water heaters. Or if you prefer please call us at 978-462-6683 and ask to speak with Sales.


Technical Documents

Many of our products literature is available online for download. To open these files, a PDF viewer is required. If you do not have one, Adobe provides Acrobat Reader free of charge for viewing only. Use this link to download Acrobat Reader. You may also choose to download the file to your PC for future reference or printing. On most operating systems, simply right-click on the links below, choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as...", choose a location and it will save the document to your computer for future reference.

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