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Product Center
Vaughn Rental Program

Vaughn Rental Programs

Tank Capacity Rate
Up to 55 Gallon $16.99/Month + Tax
80 Gallon* $18.99/Month + Tax
* 55 Gallon with Mixing Valve
Important Documents
PDF Rental Program Flyer

Clip art with checkmarksQuality

Vaughn tanks quality are far superior to our competition. Thanks to our concrete lined steel tanks, you never have to worry about a tank flooding your home. Our plastic jacket will not rust, scratch or dent which eliminates maintenance. Our tanks do not use anode rods eliminating the "rotten egg" smell that can be associated with anodes.

Clip art of house with value Value

We bill you a low monthly fee and you will have hot water for life. Anytime the tank needs repair, call our convenient 1-844-828-7368 number and we will get a qualified contractor to your home to quickly get you back in hot water at no additional cost and no deductible. If the tank needs to be replaced, you're still covered. You don't have to worry about finding a contractor to come to your home or how much it will cost to repair the tank, you are covered with Vaughn Thermal's Rental Program.

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Clip art of American Flag American Made & Environmentally Conscious

All of our tanks and controllers are manufactured at our plant in Massachusetts, by joining our program, you are supporting a company that has been making tanks here in the USA since 1961. Our factory is largely powered by our own solar array providing renewable clean energy and allowing us to minimize our environmental impact and keep costs lower.

Clip art of money signPossible Utility Savings

Depending on the size of the rented tank and your utility, you may be able to secure a lower rate with use of our energy controller. This controller acts as a timer allowing your tank to heat only during specified hours of the day during weekdays, but unlimited during holidays and weekends meaning a majority of the rental cost will be given back in the form of lower electric rates.

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Vaughn Rental Program Highlights

  • Hot water with little* to no out of pocket costs.
  • Great for rental properties, landlords do not have to worry about failures.
  • The construction of the tank reduces the chances for catastrophic flooding.
  • Many sizes available to suit your customer's needs, available for Commercial Customers as well.
  • You do not have to worry about repair costs, one low monthly fee covers everything.
See our FAQs page for more info.
"I have an 80 gallon ME series, concrete/stone lined electric water tank. I did it through Vaughn rental program, The tank went in a 3600 square foot home in a lightly heated basement. There are 4 to 5 people living in the house. I have never run out of water. It saved me $40 to $50 per month on my electric bill vs my old water heater. I am absolutely sold on the quality value of the water heater - this thing is a tank...I can highly recommend Vaughn."
- Richard
Lynchburg, VA
Call 844-828-7368 today to get started!
* Vaughn Thermal will pay for basic install and provide the tank, upgrades to plumbing and electric service, plumbing to move the location of the tank, and repairs to make the customer code compliant are the sole responsibility of the customer and are to be billed to the customer.

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26 Old Elm Street
P.O. Box 5431
Salisbury, MA 01952-5431
Tel: 978-462-6683
Fax: 978-462-6497

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