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Rental Program FAQs

Why should I rent my hot water tank?

While everyone needs hot water, not everyone can afford the expense of putting in a new hot water heater when theirs fail. Repair bills can easily exceed $200 and if the tank needs replacing, depending on size and model of the tank, what work has to be done, and who your contractor is, you could easily spend between $300 and $2200 to replace a hot water tank. With the Vaughn rental program, we provide the tank and basic labor to install a like sized tank. You only have to pay a low monthly fee. We take care of any future repairs up to and including replacing the tank if necessary.

What do I do if my tank is leaking or I don't have hot water?

Just call our convenient toll free number (844) 828-7368 (RENT) and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will ask you a few questions and get a contractor out to you quickly.

Can I use my own plumber and be reimbursed?

No. Vaughn has its own contractor network with technicians that have been trained to repair our tank and are equipped with factory certified parts.

What If I am selling my house and still under contract?

Call our convenient toll free number (844) 828-7368 (RENT) and we will discuss your options with you. Customers will typically have the option of purchasing the tank outright, buying out the remainder of the contract and having the tank removed, or possibly transferring the agreement to the new homeowner.

I don't own my house, but I still love Vaughn's quality tanks. Can I still rent your tank?

Unfortunately, you must be the homeowner in order to rent, if you are renting your home, discuss this option with your landlord and have them call our convenient toll free number (844) 828-7368 (RENT) to join the program.

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