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The Lightweight Indirect Tank

Residential Thermoplastic Indirect Water Heater

30-119 Gallon
Long Lasting
Superior Performance

The Featherweight indirect water heater by Vaughn is the industry's first heater to feature a fully pressurized thermoplastic storage tank paired with a factory installed and field removable heat exchanger coil that can meet and withstand even the most demanding hot water applications. As with Vaughn's other well known products, no dissimilar metals are present and no anode rod is necessary, ensuring years of reliable service you have come to expect from a Vaughn

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Robust construction

  • Thermoplastic storage vessel construction
  • 85-155 lb shipping weight
  • Low standby heat loss

Corrosion resistant

  • Water Quality Neutral
  • No anode rod needed
  • Fully Removable Heat Exchanger
  • Factory installed, finned, all copper heat exchanger
  • Single bolt stainless steel collar for easy access

Warranty Residential

  • 2 Year labor, 10 year full tank replacement including coil, optional lifetime warranty.
  • Commercial 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • A repair or replacement is provided (excluding labor and freight) if the tank or heat exchanger should leak for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.
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Product Specifications

Tank Specifications

Model Storage
Overall Dimensions
Domestic Water Boiler Water
(Heating Coil)
Relief Valve
Cold Water
Hot Water
Height C Diameter A
P30F 30 40.5 22.75 85 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P45F 45 53.5 22.75 120 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P45FD 45 53.5 22.75 130 1.5" MNPT 1.5" FNPT 1" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P55F 55 41 28 100 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P80F 80 53.5 28 140 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT 3/4" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P80FD 80 53.5 28 150 1.5" MNPT 1.5" MNPT 1" MNPT 3/4" FNPT
P120FD 119 74 28 155 1.5" MNPT 1.5" MNPT 1" MNPT 3/4" FNPT

Performance Specifications

First hour ratings based on:

  • 50°F inlet water temperature
  • 200°F boiler water supply to coil
  • Outputs may vary depending on boiler size, boiler water supply temperature, the flow rate through coil, and circumstances of installation and use.

Clearance Requirements

Measured From Floor
Capacity (Gallons) Height Clearance Required to Remove Heat Exchanger (Inches)
30 68
45 93
55 69
80 93
120 134
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Model Number:

Additional Product Details

  • Double Wall Heat Exchanger
  • Optional Lifetime Limited Warranty (Residential)
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Top Performer Plus Specific Questions

The unique design of the Vaughn heat exchanger electrically isolates the heat exchanger from the tank by means of a non conductive barrier installed between the two. This provides dielectric isolation between the tank and the heat exchanger thereby eliminating electrolysis between the two due to dissimilar metals. This feature is one reason why the Vaughn indirect water heater far outlasts competitor models.
Yes. The heat exchanger is fully removable in all Vaughn indirect water heaters. The benefit to having a removable heat exchanger is that the coil can be removed for cleaning and de-scaling for improved performance and efficiency when used in hard water applications. It should be noted that the heat exchanger is not removable and the coil cannot be cleaned in many other indirect water heater brands.
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